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New Scout Campout Trip Report                                                    April 21, 2014

                On Saturday April 12 Troop 320 went to Camp Tranquility in Oak Mountain State Park for our 2014 New Scout Campout. We had lots of fun and the new scouts got a lot of requirements signed off. The new scouts went on a five mile hike, got their Totin’ Chip, learned knots, and more.

Camp Tranquility is a nice camp site on top of a hill overlooking a lake with wooden cabins originally built in the 1930s, but some have been redone. Only boy scouts can camp at Camp Tranquility, and it has been the site of many Eagle Projects. The new scouts slept in cabins and tents. Around half the older scouts slept in hammocks and about half slept in cabins.

 Twenty new scouts went on the trip, along with twelve older scouts, and twenty-one adults. Michael Knight began this campout as the acting Senior Patrol Leader until James Pitard arrived later that afternoon. The older scouts lead cooking in patrols and prepared dinner on Saturday and breakfast the next morning. Everyone was split up into five cooking groups, not counting the adults who had the best meal, fried fish. But everybody else had a really good meal too.

The older scouts taught the new scouts many requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. The new scouts completed 1a orienting a map, 1b the 5 mile hike, 2 leave no trace, 3c care of sharp tools, 3d preparing fuel for a cooking fire, 3e cooking fire vs. camping stove, 3f setting up a fire and stove, and 6 showing evidence of 10 kinds of animals  signed off for second class. They also completed 9 the buddy system, 5 explaining safe hiking, 12a choking, 12b first aid, 11 identification and treatment for poisonous plants, 4a whipping and fusing ropes, 4b tying taut-line and two half hitches, 4c the EDGE method for the square knot, and 3 assist with cooking signed off for Tenderfoot. We also did 6 identifying 10 native plants, 5 discussing constitutional rights and obligations, 1 finding directions without using a compass, 8a tying the bowline knot, and 4a plan patrol menu, b show cost and food amounts for the menu, c tell which gear will be needed, d safe handling and storage of food, e and to serve as your patrols cook signed off for Frist Class. 

When we left Sunday morning we went to Wendy’s for lunch. After we got to the scout hut we unpacked everything from the trailer and put it back where it needed to go. Mr. Jones has posted pictures of this campout on the troop website: troop320.org.

Wilson Tynes


Vulcan District Camporee, 2010 Feb 19-21

posted Mar 7, 2010, 6:41 PM by Jeff Jones

By: Thatcher R

      Last weekend, we went to a place called Tannehill state park for the annual Vulcan district camporee.  We left on Friday, February 19 and returned that Saturday on February 21.  At the camporee, we did lots of fun things, including competing in competitions, meeting up with friends from other troops, and we also attended a bonfire ceremony with doughnuts and hot chocolate.

      One of the things we did at the camporee was to compete in competitions. These competitions included the string burn, orienteering, the chariot race, and more! These events were all competitive because of the prospect of winning a ribbon for the troop. All patrols had to compete in at least five events (orienteering counted as three because it’s so long) so that nobody would sit around doing nothing all day.  Unfortunately, we did not win any events but most people had a great time anyway.

      Another thing we did at the camporee was see friends from other troops. All of the scout troops in our area were at the camporee, so we could easily walk over from our campsite to talk to them. We could not compete in events with them, however, because that would involve splitting a ribbon if we won, which is not possible. Seeing friends at the camporee from other troops helps make the camporee a lot more fun.

      Finally, we also got doughnuts and hot chocolate as we got to watch a great bonfire ceremony. This ceremony included watching a bonfire symbolizing a giant string burn and a power point with tons of pictures covering the day’s events. This ceremony is something that the camporee does every year as a “wrap up” for the weekend. Ribbons are not awarded here, but the next day as we all pack up.

      The camporee is one of the most-attended campouts that Troop 320 goes to. Most people look forward to it and always have a good time. It is a great thing that we can experience something some people never will.

Sipsey Wilderness Backpacking, 2009 Nov 14-15

posted Mar 7, 2010, 6:40 PM by Jeff Jones

  Sipsey Wilderness Backpacking Trip  

By: Thatcher R.


On November 14, 2009, Troop 320 went to the backpacking into the Sipsey Wilderness. We walked right next to creeks and rivers, had lots of well prepared backpackers, and, amazingly, some scouts got lost. This trip was quite an interesting experience.

Much of the scenery where we hiked was fantastic. Most of the leaves had already changed colors and were falling, creating a beautiful red, orange, and brown forest. We also crossed many creeks on our journey through the woods. I counted dozens of creeks and streams that we jumped over. Where we stopped for lunch was next to a beautiful waterfall with streams all over the place. Sipsey is a fantastic place to hike because it is so beautiful.

On this hike, almost everyone was well prepared. Most backpacks were fairly light. Only a couple of scout’s packs were like buckets of lead. Everyone ate a hearty meal of lightweight food for meals and no absurdly heavy things that would weigh down even the strongest backpacker. I thought Troop 320 was relatively prepared for this campout.

We did have one mishap on our journey to Sipsey; some scouts got lost! Three scouts and one scoutmaster (Mr. Mumm, Thatcher R., Ben P., and Mac M.) did not notice the rest of the group while they were having lunch and kept on hiking far past where they were supposed to. Luckily, the scoutmaster Mr. Mumm had plenty of food for all and they met back up with the rest of the troop the next day. While they were lost, they met another troop from another district that had some of the people in their troop walk on the wrong path. Our lost scouts camped and borrowed food with them when they went to bed that night.

This campout was a great backpacking trip. Troop 320 could not have gone at a better time either, because it is not yet too cold but it is still beautiful outside. All of the people who went will have memories forever.

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