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Vulcan District Camporee, 2010 Feb 19-21

posted Mar 7, 2010, 6:41 PM by Jeff Jones
By: Thatcher R

      Last weekend, we went to a place called Tannehill state park for the annual Vulcan district camporee.  We left on Friday, February 19 and returned that Saturday on February 21.  At the camporee, we did lots of fun things, including competing in competitions, meeting up with friends from other troops, and we also attended a bonfire ceremony with doughnuts and hot chocolate.

      One of the things we did at the camporee was to compete in competitions. These competitions included the string burn, orienteering, the chariot race, and more! These events were all competitive because of the prospect of winning a ribbon for the troop. All patrols had to compete in at least five events (orienteering counted as three because it’s so long) so that nobody would sit around doing nothing all day.  Unfortunately, we did not win any events but most people had a great time anyway.

      Another thing we did at the camporee was see friends from other troops. All of the scout troops in our area were at the camporee, so we could easily walk over from our campsite to talk to them. We could not compete in events with them, however, because that would involve splitting a ribbon if we won, which is not possible. Seeing friends at the camporee from other troops helps make the camporee a lot more fun.

      Finally, we also got doughnuts and hot chocolate as we got to watch a great bonfire ceremony. This ceremony included watching a bonfire symbolizing a giant string burn and a power point with tons of pictures covering the day’s events. This ceremony is something that the camporee does every year as a “wrap up” for the weekend. Ribbons are not awarded here, but the next day as we all pack up.

      The camporee is one of the most-attended campouts that Troop 320 goes to. Most people look forward to it and always have a good time. It is a great thing that we can experience something some people never will.